Q: How do I queue for an interview?
A: In #RED-invites, type: "!queue" (without the quotation marks) followed by your speedtest link. For example: "!queue https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/12345678". For further information, please visit https://interviewfor.red/en/starting.html.

Q: How do I leave the queue? Is there any penalty for leaving before my interview starts?
A: You can remove yourself from the queue by leaving the #RED-invites channel. There is no penalty for leaving the queue at any time. Simply queue again when you have the time.

Q: Do I lose my position in the queue when I leave #RED-invites? / I was disconnected while in the queue. Do I have to queue again?
A: Yes. Please requeue using a fresh speedtest.

Q: I was a member of What.CD. Do I have to take the interview?
A: Yes. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts for ex-What.CD members.

Q: Can I ask a question?
A: Please ask any questions you have in #RED-interviewprep. Don't ask if you can ask; just ask.

Q: Can I hang out in #RED-interviewprep until my interview starts?
A: No. #RED-interviewprep is specifically for asking questions about the interview process. Idling in #RED-interviewprep is not permitted.

Q: What kinds of questions are asked during the interview?
A: Everything you need to know in order to pass the interview is covered on our prep site https://interviewfor.red. Questions may cover any number of topics, so be sure to give the whole site a thorough reading.

Q: Is it the same as the What.CD interview?
A: The questions cover the content of our prep site https://interviewfor.red. The questions may be similar to other interviews which cover similar content. However, the interview itself is unique for every single interviewer.

Q: How many questions can I get wrong? Do I have to get 100%?
A: You do not have to get every question right. It depends on which questions you miss, as some topics are more important than others.

Q: Can I refer to the interview prep website during the interview? What about my own notes?
A: No. No notes or references of any kind are allowed during the interview.

Q: The interview requires a speedtest. Is this because there's a minimum speed you're looking for?
A: No. We do not require a minimum bandwidth. Your speedtest result has no effect on the outcome of your interview.

Q: What if my interview starts while I am away?
A: You have at least 20 minutes to respond when you are called for your interview. Any longer is up to the discretion of your interviewer. It is advisable to set up a highlight for your name or check in every 15 minutes, if possible.

Q: What if I need to step away for a little while during the interview?
A: You may be allowed to step away for 10-15 minutes during your interview, if necessary. Any longer is up to your interviewer.

Q: Can I interview on my phone or other mobile device?
A: No. you cannot interview on a mobile device. All interviews must be done from a desktop or laptop computer.

Q: Can I use a VPN connection for the interview?
A: No. You must physically be at home and on your home connection in order to be allowed to be interviewed.

Q: I am not at home but I can access my home connection remotely. Can I interview?
A: No. You must physically be at home and on your home connection in order to be allowed to be interviewed.

Q: Can I use a VPN when I am a member?
A: Yes. You may browse the site through paid-for VPN services, private and shared seedboxes, and private servers and proxies. Shared VPNs or VPNs with dynamic IPs need to be approved by staff before use. Please refer to our Golden Rules and VPN wiki page once you have passed the interview.

Q: Are there any interviews being conducted right now?
A: Gatekeeper announces all interviews in #RED-invites when they start.

Q: Is there any time of day when interviews are more likely to happen? / During which time of the day are interviewers online?
A: Our interviewers are located in different time zones around the world and don't have fixed working hours. Hence, it is not possible to give an E.T.A.

Q: Someone behind me in the queue just started the interview. Why was I skipped?
A: Interviewers cannot interview the same candidate more than once. If this is not your first interview, it is possible that your previous interviewer is currently conducting interviews.

Q: Gatekeeper kicked me from #RED-invites with the reason "No idling. You may not stay in this channel without !queueing." What do I do now?
A: Users are automatically kicked from #RED-invites if they do not queue. You will be allowed to join again 15 minutes after you were kicked. Be sure to queue after you rejoin the channel. For information on how to enter the queue, see "How do I queue for an interview?"

Q: Gatekeeper kicked me from #RED-invites with the reason "You have not passed the interview. […]". What do I do now?
A: You did not pass the interview and will not be allowed to rejoin #RED-invites until 48 hours after your last interview. The kick message contains the time remaining before you may interview again. Please use that time to study the contents of https://interviewfor.red in preparation for your next interview.